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Organic casein and native whey are the fundamental protein sources. We believe it is vital these come from grass-fed cows without added hormones or antibiotics. Our whey is native meaning it is minimally processed without the byproducts from the cheesemaking process to preserve the most beneficial nutrients from the milk. The ratio between our organic casein and native whey is 40/60, mimicking breast milk which is whey dominant.


Organic lactose is the primary carbohydrate source in the formula and mimics mothers’ milk in which lactose is the sugar.

Healthy Fats

Organic vegetable oils, organic milk cream, and DHA & ARA provide necessary fats for baby and comprise a ratio that’s as close to breast milk as we could make it. Additionally, DHA & ARA are long chain fatty acids that assist in brain and eye development as well as building your baby’s nervous system.