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Please refer to the Directions for Preparation and Use on the backside of your Kopia Organic Formula container, where you’ll also find instructions for storage. Note that the health of your child depends on carefully following the directions for preparation and use. Use as directed by physician. 

Please be sure to always follow the directions on our label, to ensure the integrity of our formula, and the wellbeing and health of your child. Bottle feeding your child can be a wonderfully sweet and special bonding experience. You’ve already accomplished the hard part—choosing the best formula for your needs! Now here are some additional guidelines to make your child’s feedings as safe, healthy, and beneficial as possible:

Step One

Before your initial use, always note the container’s expiration date, and refrain from opening or using if that date has passed (even by just a day!) as the quality of the formula cannot be ensured. Once the can of formula has been opened, it must be used within one month. Any remaining formula should be discarded, even if it’s prior to the expiration date.

Step Two

Make sure your formula’s container is uncompromised—it should have no dents, leakage, rust, or bulging. If it does, the formula inside is likely compromised as well, and should not be used. 

Step 3

Any feeding bottles (and their associated parts—caps, nipples, crowns, and any ventilation accessories) should be sterilized before use. This can be done by submerging the pieces in a pot of boiling water for at least five minutes. Use tongs to remove the parts and let them dry before use. 

Step 4

Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands (and nails!) before preparing your child’s formula by washing them with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (about the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday in your head).  

Step 5

Prepare with care! Follow the formula preparation instructions on the Kopia Organic Formula label precisely. Use only the scoop provided when preparing powdered formula (no eyeballing!) and adhere to the filtered water-to-formula ratios provided on the packaging. Inaccurate measurements can lead to an improper balance of nutrients, which have been carefully researched and crafted for your child’s ultimate health and developmental needs.

Step 6

As convenient as it may seem, do not use a microwave to heat your formula. Its irregular warming effect can lead to unexpected “hot spots” which may startle and/or harm your child. To warm formula without a microwave, run the prepared bottle under warm water or place it in a bowl of warm water until it reaches your desired temperature. Depending on your child’s preference, it’s perfectly safe to offer cold or room temperature formula.

Step 7

Once prepared, formula should be used within an hour at room temperature, or it can be safely refrigerated for up to 1 hour at 35 *f.  If your child has been drinking from a prepared bottle of formula, it should not be refrigerated, and must be used within an hour, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. Because of these important parameters, it’s best to mix your formula in small batches, or as needed for a single feeding.

Step 8

Store your can of Kopia Organic Formula in a cool, dry spot. Once opened, keep tightly covered with the provided lid.  Do not freeze and avoid excessive heat.