What We Do

The earth makes food in its truest form; we bottle and ship it to you. While most food companies use cost as their driving motivator, our goal is to make products of the highest possible quality, with the highest possible nutritional value. We do that in a few ways. First, our sourcing and manufacturing standards are very strict. Beyond being USDA organic and non-GMO, we test for glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals to limit chemical exposure. In other words, Kopia products are as close to nature as we can make them, and that means powerful nutrition, for ultimate health.

Who We Are

We are run by a team of passionate, committed change-makers, including our founder and CEO, Erika Jensen. Erika launched Kopia when her struggle with Lyme disease left her sensitive to just about everything in the grocery store. After researching the U.S. agricultural system, the corporations that have monopolized the market, and the cumulative impact that’s had on our food and health, she dedicated herself to providing safe, ultra-nutritious food products. Erika works hand-in-hand with our Kopia pediatricians, Julia and Nicole from Getzwell, a San Francisco based pediatric practice. Beyond sitting on our advisory board, Julia and Nicole review all of our ingredients, procedures, and recipes. Their insights have been instrumental in helping us formulate a product that is the absolute best food possible for your baby outside of breast milk—the kind that strengthens and vitalizes, just as food was meant to.

A healthy earth is the best playground

We’re as committed to the earth’s health as we are to yours which is why we only source quality organic ingredients. Organic agriculture helps sustain a healthy environment by eliminating pesticides and chemicals that deplete soil health, contaminate our water sources and pollute the air we breath. Healthy soil not only holds healthy bacteria but has been shown to store carbon dioxide helping to slow climate change. 

Kopia is made in an award-winning sustainable factory with minimal impact on the environment. We transport with gravity in the production process limiting energy consumption. Almost all engines in our facility are frequency regulated and we use solar panels instead of natural gas. 

Our packaging is 100% recyclable from the box it’s shipped in to the tin that carries our nutrition.

Good from the Ground Up™

We believe that healthy babies have a far better chance of growing into healthy adults. As we see it, establishing thriving digestive systems from day one supports every other system in the body, including the immune system.  Our whey is native, grass-fed and organic, tested for toxicities, and fortified with probiotics and prebiotics. It is the absolute best product we could make, because nothing is more important than your child’s health.